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The day I took my senior pictures with Aarron was easily one of the most enjoyable and memorable days of my summer. Aarron made me feel completely comfortable, incorporated all of my ideas, and thought outside of the box while shooting my pictures. The end results were fabulous, and I had a blast taking the photos as well. I would highly recommend River City Photography to anyone!
Taking my senior pictures with Aarron was an awesome experience! Personally, I was a bit nervous about the whole photo-shoot idea, but Aarron was great and I was totally comfortable around him. The variety in setting is definitely a unique feature of River City Photography- every picture is different. We were able to create some neat pictures by playing around with shadows, angles, and positions, all details that take time. Aarron was willing to take that extra time to make the pictures the best they could be.  His flexibility was impressive. We were able to incorporate a variety of props that my mom and I brought along, including a French horn, running spikes, and my dog. By allowing us to use these items without extra cost, I believe my senior pictures reflect not only my physical appearance, but my personality. I highly recommend River City Photography to anyone who is looking to have their picture taken. Not only did I receive many phenomenal pictures from my shoot, I also made some great memories.


l liked the way it was so easy to get in touch with Aarron when I needed something or had a question. I liked how he was very willing to go basically anywhere I wanted to, to take my pictures. The prints came to us very fast and were amazing! It was an overall great photo shoot ! 
River City Photography is the best! I could never have gotten such awesome pictures anywhere else and had so much fun taking them! Aarron is such a talented photographer and seeing his brain map out what angle will make you look the best is so interesting!
I personally believe senior pictures are a must have, and quite a big deal! Making the decision for whom I wanted to take mine wasn't hard at all, I knew i wanted River City Photography. Aarron was my photographer and made my mother and I feel completely at ease! We were new to the whole 'senior pictures' thing and had no idea what we wanted, but Aarron worked with us and took my vague ideas and made them something! He was creative, and made my pictures better than I could have ever imagined. I would recommend him to anyone.
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